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About Consider11

You deserve the most stable and reliable platform to play the game you are so passionate about. Consider11 is one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms. This unique fantasy app allows Cricket, Football & Fantasy Kabaddi fans to test their knowledge, insights, and know-how. It is a skill-based platform where you earn money when you play. This app takes your passion for the spot to a whole new level by giving you a fantasy cricket, football & kabaddi experience just on your mobile. Our focus is on creating games that are easy to play, rewarding, and filled with fun elements. Hence, you will find that Consider11 is available at its finest. This is the reason why, in just a short period, the app enjoys immense popularity and has become one of the fastest-growing fantasy cricket app platforms.

Here, you can create your own fantasy cricket, Fantasy football & kabaddi team of real-life players from upcoming matches and score points according to their on-field performances. As a fan, you compete with other fans to win every match. Experience a real cricket match as the team plays along. This is the strategy that can make you win a game. Whether you're a novice or an expert, Consider11 has something for everyone. Start with real cash fantasy sports or practice matches. With the wide and varying range of games at a single portal, coupled with features of, we believe makes Consider11 a portal of choice for you. Moreover, we are committed to providing our users with the most current services and innovations. And, you will always get top-notch service at Consider11 when it comes to fantasy sports. The goal is to help amateurs and professionals achieve personal excellence in the sports they choose. Keep playing and winning every day, because who knows how far that could take you? Consider11 offers the best-in-class playing experience, an amazing welcome bonus, free and full customer support, and complete digital safety.


Frequently Asked Questions

consider11 is one of the most trusted fantasy sports. Present-day, it is giving online fantasy sports gaming a boost, and helped a lot of people engaged with a variety of sports.
Here you can create your fantasy cricket team, beat cricket fanatics and earn cash. Best part is that daily fantasy here has just gotten better.
Register, challenge fantasy players, beat them and show them who the real sports buff is. If you are getting this exciting, you are in for a wonderful fantasy sports way.
Our developing team strives to bring you an attractive and a friendly interface.
Your points and ranks for the game you participate are updated quickly. The players you choose to perform in real-time and the fantasy player with the maximum points not only win bragging rights but also cash. Get involved and start your winning journey. Play more, win more!

Playing fantasy cricket on consider11 is quite easy. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Choose the match that you want to play
  • Take part one of the many contests
  • Now, create your team
  • Win money and withdraw your cash

Absolutely, you can withdraw your winning money and transfer it to your bank account. There is some minimum balance that you need to balance in your account and rest you can take. Besides, you can join the contest for next match with that amount and win more.

Fantasy cricket is legal; these games are categories as the game of skills. You can play free contests and also play cash contest on consider11. Fantasy cricket is a skill-game and it does not come under gambling.

With fantasy cricket app, you create your team; you can select any player you want. And this team will score according to the performance of these players in the real field.
It can be said that fantasy cricket brings fantasy and reality world together. Apart from the experience of real cricket, you also win cash prizes. Overall, fantasy cricket is very interesting.

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