Fantasy cricket is an online game played over a digital platform. In this, the user would be creating a virtual team consisting of real cricket players. The user may choose the players from the upcoming match. Users will compete with other users and the points will be dependent on the score or performance of the players you selected in the real match. Your chances of winning rewards will be dependent on the performance of your selected players in the real match.

Consider11 provides you with one of the most reliable and trusted fantasy sports apps. Currently, it has helped many individuals get involved in several sports and is boosting online fantasy sports gaming.
Here, you may create your fantasy cricket team, compete against other cricket fans, and win cash rewards. The best part is that Consider11 has improved the world of fantasy gaming by providing unique features and a smoother user experience.
Create an account, challenge other fantasy players, defeat them, and prove to them who the true sports enthusiast is. If these things are exciting for you, you are in for a fantastic fantasy sports experience. Our development team works hard to provide you with a user-friendly and appealing experience.
Your rankings and points for the game in which you're playing are updated promptly and you can withdraw your cash rewards instantly by keeping a minimum amount in your wallet to use that while playing contests in future.

It is very easy to play fantasy cricket on the Consider11 fantasy sports app to win real cash. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Choose the match that you want to play.
  • Become a participant in the contest chosen by you.
  • Create your virtual cricket team consisting of real cricket players for the upcoming match.
  • Compete with other users and win rewards based on the performance of the players in a real match.
  • Withdraw the earned money instantly.

In the fantasy cricket app such as Consider11, you will be required to create a virtual team. Your team will be consisting of the real-time players that you will be choosing from an upcoming real cricket match.
The score of your virtual team will be based on the performance of your team players in the real match. Consider11 cricket fantasy gaming platform tries to bring the world of fantasy and reality together. Your knowledge about cricket and your skills will be highly relevant while playing any contest on such digital platforms. In return, you may earn huge cash rewards that make fantasy cricket more lucrative.

Creating your virtual cricket team requires you to adopt a strategic approach. While selecting the players, you should thoroughly analyze the pitch report. You should check whether the pitch where the real match will be organized is more batting or bowling pitch.
If it is a batting pitch, add more batsmen to your virtual team. If the report shows it is a bowling pitch, then select more bowlers. Always consider the performances of players in the previous matches while selecting them for your virtual cricket team.

Yes, Consider11 allows their users to withdraw their cash rewards immediately and you as a user can transfer it to your bank account. However, it is required to have some minimum balance in your account to join the next contest from that amount. Consider11 reserves all right to block the account and reduce the earned cash rewards to zero on finding any user violating the terms & conditions or any other policy or using any illegal or unlawful means while playing.

Yes, Fantasy Cricket is legal as such types of fantasy sports come under the category of the game of skills. Such fantasy games do not fall under the purview of gambling or any other activity that is prohibited by law. However, you will not be able to play Consider11 in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim & Telangana due to the laws passed by them prohibiting the usage of fantasy sports applications.

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