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Responsible Gaming

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Consider11 is fully dedicated and committed towards responsible gaming in the field of Fantasy Sports as a part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We advise our users to stick to responsible gaming practices as mentioned in the Consider11 Responsible Gaming Guide. At Consider11, we try to give such an experience to our users that they can have fun in a safe, secure and responsible mechanism. This, we are very serious about implementing a stern Responsible Gaming Policy.
Responsible Gaming Policy for Consider11 Fantasy Sports App
Consider11 is a perfect platform that encourages your passion for gaming and sports. We are
highly concerned about all our users hence, we have penned down a strict Responsible Gaming
Policy for our Fantasy Sports App that must be followed by all our users to keep using our
application for fantasy gaming.
The below is a Responsible Gaming Policy for Consider11 Fantasy Sports App. This policy is
designed in such a manner to advise our users to use our mobile application and responsibly play
fantasy sports without using any unlawful, illegal or unethical means:

  • All our fantasy sports gaming services involve skill-based activities.
  • Consider11 is only a fantasy sports mobile app that should be used just for fun, entertainment and winning lucrative cash rewards. Any of the users shall not compare our platform as a steady source of revenue.
  • It is advised that you should keep a track of how much money and time you are spending while availing of our services on the Consider11 app. If you analyse that it is impacting you financially or personally, we recommend you quit immediately.
  • Never pay only for covering your previous losses as it can cause you more financial loss. Always play with a happy and cheerful attitude.
  • Kindly refrain from asking for money to play Fantasy Sports on Consider11.
  • Before starting using Consider11, consult thoroughly with your family and friends.
  • It is a pre-requisite condition before using Consider11 that you must be at least 18 years older. It should be the responsibility of all our adult users they never allow any child below 18 years of age to use their profile. In such circumstances, Consider11 will not be responsible for whatsoever loss faced by our user
  • Consider11's admin team proactively monitor their user activities to identify those users who are playing irresponsibly. We reach out to such users to advise them to play responsibly. We take certain measures in such circumstances such as advising the user through mail to take due caution if a user has lost more than Rs 25000 in a single day, calling a user to advise him to exercise due caution if he has lost more than Rs 75000 in a week. We recommend them various options such as opting out permanently or for a specific time. These measures are not conclusive as we may take other measures also based on the circumstances.

  • We advise our users to pre-set a time limit that they can devote while participating in contests organized on our Fantasy Sports Application.
  • We advise you to remain stern on your independent decisions and never get influenced or coerced or forced by someone who tells you to invest more time and money than you can afford on Consider11.
  • We strongly recommend you read this Responsible Gaming policy multiple times to have more clarity and understanding. We also advise you to use due caution and your conscience while playing fantasy sports on Consider11. You should also go through the terms & conditions of Consider11 to avoid any kind of loss that may occur due to your irresponsible behaviour.

Note: Consider11, Fantasy Sports Games can be an addiction, habit-forming or financially risky. Hence, we request you play responsibly.
For any further inquiry or assistance, you can contact our support team at +91 8181 95 7474 or send an email to

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