Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal Policy

For withdrawal, you will be required to deposit a minimum amount of INR 100 in your Consider11 account. This addition of one minimum amount is just a one-time requirement which must be completed during your first withdrawal. The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your bank account must be INR 200.
The maximum amount that you can withdraw from your account will be 3 times your total deposit. For instance, if your total deposit is INR 100, you can withdraw a maximum of INR 300.
Your KYC should be completed and you must provide your bank details when you request for withdrawing your cash rewards. You cannot make more than one withdrawal request simultaneously. It means you can make a second withdrawal request only after the first request gets fully processed.
Your withdrawal request will be approved from our end within 24 hours after which the cash disbursement process to transfer the amount to your bank account will start

KYC Verification Documents

The following documents will be required for KYC verification:

  • PAN and Address Proof (Aadhar)
  • Bank account details should be the same as the KYC uploaded. In case of mismatching,
    we will ask for KYC associated with the bank account provided or vice-versa.
  • The amount withdrawn from your Consider11 wallet will be credited to your bank
    account within 24-48 working hours.

Rules Related to Deduction of TDS

No TDS will be deducted on withdrawals at all irrespective of the amount you wish to withdraw with certain exceptions. The TDS of 31.2% will be deducted if the winning amount exceeds INR
10000. In such cases, a TDS certificate will be duly issued after the end of every quarte .

Paytm Wallet Cash-Out Policies

You can also transfer your winning amount directly to your Paytm wallet under the following conditions:

  • Your Paytm account must be linked to your registered number with Consider11. You cannot transfer less than INR 300 or more than INR 5000 in your Paytm wallet provided your KYC is complete.
  • Consider11 an account that is KYC verified and the mobile number linked to it should belong to the user himself.

Let’s Download Free from App Store and Google Play Store

Consider11 Mobile Application can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store as the app support both Android and iOS versions. The users can earn huge rewards along with a lot of fun while playing fantasy sports.